About Charlie Steffens

I’ve had a fascination with photography for a very long time. Flipping through the pages of National Geographic or Life magazine as a kid, I would gaze in awe  at these vivid, colorful, magnificent images, shot from all over the world, documenting important moments in time.

As a music enthusiast, especially rock and roll, I would enjoy when the new Rolling Stone, Hit Parader or Creem magazines would hit the newsstands every month. The pages would display amazing photos of the bands and artists I enjoyed hearing and seeing.

For most of my adult life I have enjoyed going to small club shows as well as large concerts. I love the sound, the action, and the energy that gets passed around–whether with an audience of 50 or 50,000. My images capture the essence of a live rock show in all its fire and passion, so that the viewer gets a sense of that energy.

My experience isn’t limited to just concerts. For over 25 years I have photographed events, red carpets, portraits, portfolios, and weddings. My work has been featured in various publications and web outlets, including Guitar World, Cosmopolitan, People, and Rolling Stone.

Every client is treated with respect– valuing their time, having a pleasant attitude, and providing a knowledgeable and creative eye. I take things a step further to exceed — rather than just meet — client expectations.

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