The Covid Chronicles (Prequel)

March 19, 2021. How could I forget the day I got my first jab of Moderna at Dodger Stadium, after waiting behind a line of cars a mile long? I drove over to Griffith Park after and found a peaceful spot to eat my lunch. This blue heron had the same idea–kind of. Pulling food […]

Zuma Majesty

Yesterday’s drive up to Malibu proved to be really worthwhile. It had been a while since my face had been sandblasted by Santa Winds with gale-force power. I think the gusts at Zuma were hitting upwards of 55 MPH. Serious wind! I paddled out on my 7′-2″ thruster that had just been dinged minutes before. […]

Spring Forward

Yesterday morning was when Spring began for me. After weeks of seeing Mama Dove atop her nest–neatly protected by the living wall just outside our front door–her babies finally arrived. With a Pink Moon,  a day of sunshine,  and this new brood of hatchlings,  Springtime is officially here. Let the ice crack and the flowers bloom. […]

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