Something Blue

It’s New Year’s Eve in chilly Palm Springs, and right now I’m enjoying the night with loved ones. No whoopee party here. Dinner, listening to old vinyl–each one of us doing their own thing. I opted to plop myself down on the couch and work on some photos rather than watch the ball drop. I […]

Zuma Majesty

Yesterday’s drive up to Malibu proved to be really worthwhile. It had been a while since my face had been sandblasted by Santa Winds with gale-force power. I think the gusts at Zuma were hitting upwards of 55 MPH. Serious wind! I paddled out on my 7′-2″ thruster that had just been dinged minutes before. […]

Kauai Electric

I’ve seen a lot of explosive surfing over the years–in the water and from shore. It’s fun to put on a long lens and take photos of the action. This shot of Luca Aza is one of my favorites. Speed, power, style. (f/11 at 1/640 sec)

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