2006 Children’s Choice Awards Honoree Hilary Duff

This photo of Hilary Duff is from the 2006 Children’s Choice Awards at the Hollywood Palladium. I think this was my first real red carpet gig and was clueless on which settings to use on my camera and flash and unacquainted with what to say to someone like Hilary or Ben Stiller (another attendee at […]

From the Archives: Jennifer Lopez at Reventon Super Estrella 2007

Going through the tens-of-thousands of images I’ve amassed over the years, I’ve found some really beautiful shots in my music photography archive. Some of the bands that I’ve taken photos of have disbanded or have changed lineups. Some of the artists have died. A few of the unheard of and up-and-coming bands that I photographed […]

Ronnie James Dio

I love the “Dio Years” of Black Sabbath. When Ronnie joined the band in ‘79 and the ‘Heaven and Hell’ album was released in 1980, it was the adrenalized era of Sabbath. I wore the grooves off that vinyl. So much good music would follow in Ronnie’s career. Here’s to the King. Long Live Rock […]

Diamond Dave

David Lee RothVan HalenJuly 14, 2015Irvine MeadowsIrvine, CA

Ol’ Black Eyes

“She asked me why the singer’s name was Alice. I said, listen baby, you really wouldn’t understand.”


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