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Review: Dirty Honey’s Debut Album

Dirty HoneyDirty Honey LPDirt Records L.A.-based rockers Dirty Honey have been generating a healthy following via the ol’ DIY, work-your-ass-off ethic since the band’s inception in 2017. Singer Marc Labelle, guitarist John Notto, bassist Justin Smolian, and drummer Corey Coverstone play rock and roll with a flair, similar to the consummate blues rock and sleaze […]

Beware of the Heron

March 19, 2021Griffith ParkLos Angeles, California I had just left Dodger Stadium, getting the first of two-shot vaccine thing. Not in a hurry to get home, I decided to hang out at the park for a while. There, in the grassy area were two or three herons walking about, so I decided to take a […]

Don Mclean: 50 Years of American Pie

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Don McLean’s American Pie, the established singer-songwriter’s most celebrated and commercially successful album. Vintage Rock interviewed McLean, who revealed some of the backstory behind the record that became part of the 70s music zeitgeist. Having reached number one within two weeks of its release in October 1971, the […]

The Search

I’m always on the lookout for this. Hermosa BeachFebruary 13, 2021Taken with GoPro 9


I’m obsessed with waves. Even with the ones that go left.  The Holy Grail, for some, is a lofty and elusive thing. For me it’s at sea level. There’s a line at the end of A River Runs Through It that has always stuck with me. It’s at the very end of the movie: “I […]