From the Archives: Jennifer Lopez at Reventon Super Estrella 2007

Going through the tens-of-thousands of images I’ve amassed over the years, I’ve found some really beautiful shots in my music photography archive. Some of the bands that I’ve taken photos of have disbanded or have changed lineups. Some of the artists have died. A few of the unheard of and up-and-coming bands that I photographed in the early 2000s are now somewhat popular. Some are rich and famous. Even infamous! While taking this deep-dive into the trove of oldies I have experienced happiness, waves of nostalgia, along with pangs of sadness. Having been a longtime fan of so many of the bands I’ve had the good fortune to take pictures of–gratitude accompanies the emotions. I’m sure that the task of cataloging my old photos will take a long time. Each day I’ve plucked several shots that I remember shooting. Some photos, like the ones I shot at Ozzfest ’06, turned out to be gorgeous, yet pieces of the night were lost due to the water that’s used in Coors. 

I’m not a daily blogger but I think some people might like to see some of my rock n’ roll pics, so more will be shown in the coming weeks.

So let’s start here:  

I think these shots of Jennifer Lopez are great. Seems so long ago when I took them. During her Marc Anthony period she was already an established mega star–and still rising. I have since photographed Jennifer on the red carpet. She always brings it. A bright star in a world of dimly lit wannabes. Ever-so-shiny is she.


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