One KILLER Performance of Aerosmith’s “What it Takes” (1997)

I’m a huge Aerosmith fan, going back to the mid-70s, when I used to listen to my Toys in the Attic and Rocks 8-tracks constantly. I’ve seen them live several times over the years, and I particularly remember a show they played in Anaheim during their ‘97 Nine Lives tour. By this time Steven, Joe, Brad, Tom, and Joey were all approaching 50, yet on this night they performed with an exuberance that defied their years. Unforgettable.

I found this clip while looking for another band’s video on YouTube. Aerosmith in ‘97, playing the best live version of “What it Takes” I’ve ever heard. Steven’s vocals riffing with Joe’s guitar solo: infuckingcredible. Bravo.


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