Lizzy Borden Slays the Whisky a Go Go

Lizzy Borden
Whisky a Go Go
West Hollywood, California
February 23, 2024

It has always been a pleasure driving up to the Sunset Strip to see bands play The Whisky. Thanks to Kelli at Metal Blade Records, Liz at Earsplit PR, and Larry at KNAC.COM, I obtained a ticket and photo credential to see Lizzy Borden perform there last month. Below is a review and some photos of the show. I have more shots from the evening, including good ones of the bands that opened for Lizzy Borden. Hit me up at if you’d like to see photo galleries of Black Star Sinners, The Guitar and Whisky Club, and Snifters. 

It was a heavy metal homecoming at the Whisky a Go Go, Sunset Boulevard’s hallowed rock n’ roll club. Lizzy Borden (eponymous with the lead singer) has been touted as a legacy band on the Metal Blade Records label. To avert laying down a bunch of stats that can easily be pulled off Wikipedia, this review will tell you that Lizzy Borden is more than a shock rock act. Yet, if the band ever decided to pull the macabre theatrics, black roses, and blood spewing, fans would be disappointed. 

After the opening bands (Black Star Sinners, The Guitar and Whisky Club, and Snifters) performed, the Whisky’s floor became packed and a lucky dozen or two snatched a spot against the stage. Snifters, a female-fronted heavy metal band, were direct support for Lizzy Borden; Vocalist Dilana Ismailova and guitarist Sam Fairless are standout performers in this emerging five-piece act from Los Angeles.

To a gothic organ track, Borden, clad in the first of several costumes he would don during the night, slowly descended down the stairway to the stage, as cheers from the audience became louder and louder. “My Midnight Things” kicked off the set, followed by a list of old favorites, as well as “Death of Me’, a single that was released last year. With AC Alexander on guitar, Colton Seaver on bass, co-founding member Joey Scott on drums—all dressed ghoulishly—Borden was backed by these highly-talented musicians who provided him the facility to stretch out and entertain unabashed. The wooden extension that jutted out from the center of stage gave Borden access to be up close with the audience and douse blood onto several fortunate onlookers.

Props filled the stage and the decibels pegged at full, but the sound quality was lush. The sweet spot in the room was about 50 feet back from the stage, where the band’s dynamics could really be heard. Alexander carried out his guitar duties well, playing with a physicality that drew a lot of attention. Scott, shrouded by his drum kit, blasted away with power and precision. 

From the start of the show till “Redrum” at the encore, the energy and excitement didn’t dissipate. There were a few “all-time highs” during the show; witnessing Borden belt out “Me Against the World”, then hearing the audience shout back the chorus will not be forgotten, at least with this reviewer.


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