So Long, Jimmy

Jimmy Buffett and Jane Slagsvol at the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles.

I was surprised to see him at this event, yet later someone told me he and his wife were regular attendees.

While I wouldn’t consider my self a Parrot Head—I loved several of his songs. I saw one of his concerts (at Irvine Meadows) in the early 90s and was blown away by true fan madness and the way he and his band performed. When I read his book “A Pirate’s Life at 50” about 25 years ago I was amazed with his take on living life. In the remaining 26 years of his life he continued to travel, make music, and touch people’s hearts with his kindness.

He truly ‘lived’ until he died.

A man of the sea. Big respect.


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