Something Blue

It’s New Year’s Eve in chilly Palm Springs, and right now I’m enjoying the night with loved ones. No whoopee party here. Dinner, listening to old vinyl–each one of us doing their own thing. I opted to plop myself down on the couch and work on some photos rather than watch the ball drop. I won’t make it till midnight.

I had a bitchin’ day at Bombay Beach, taking photos with my friends Ian and Dennis; both amazingly-talented artists who live in Palm Springs.

One of the art installations near the Salton Sea (Bombay Beach) shoreline was this rusted-out laser cut sign that said
“The Seas May Sink Tomorrow But The Ocean Will Remain.” That is really good news. So tonight I decided to post some of my images (the one up top is from today) and attempt to write some coherent bloggery. Maybe I’ll go into deep, visceral writing next year accompanied only with photos that apply to the topic.

In the meantime enjoy the pictures. Use your illusion, as they say.



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